Morgenröte, aurora borealis and Levantin: into your solar plexus

Exhibition curated and produced by Donatella Bernardi in Künsthalle Bern, Bern Switzerland, 2015.

Due to the immense amount of works you will have to go to the full documentation (click for link)

The work Fermelin contributed for the exhibition is “Zytpizza” and “Fish bone variations” and also the hippie-fade-out-effect to “Long and Horizontal Ecstasy” video piece.

Zytpizza was a mix between the infamous clock in Bern (zytglogge) and the simile (analog in swedish) looks of pizzas to clocks. The whole exhibition is time dependent on many levels, every day/week there is something new that occurred, the time spent on painting the wallpaintings (as well as the monumental masterpiece of the himalaya on the top floor by Sara Baldis. Fishbone floor variations is an extension of the kunsthalles floor with zytpizza-like breaking through at some places. With time there is also nothing that is constant, so with the wall paintings. Over painted after the exhibition.

Wallpainters : Anne-Gabrielle von Gunten, Roland von Gunten, Wilfried von Gunten, Paul Le Grand and Dominik Stauch

All photos taken by David Aeby